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View of Marina Quays, West, North and Quay West(high-rise).

Marina Quays project is one of Emaar’s latest development located in the area across the street from Rimal cluster of JBR, and next to the similarly looking Al Sahab towers(only Quay West resembles Sahab, these two towers located on the opposite side of the bridge look almost identical, yet belong to two different developments). There are three Quays: Quays West – a high-rise, and 2 low-rises: Quay North and East. 

. The developer (EMAAR) has outdone itself once again with high quality finishes, top of the line gymnasium and an infinity swimming pool. The pool area is right on the edge of the bay and features stunning water views. There is also a children play area, and community rooms for residents to enjoy, similar to other Emaar buildings.
What I really liked in the few units I saw myself was that each entrance led to a square-shaped hallway from which one enters into other rooms as opposed to a long corridor, so typical for not so well thought through floor plans in many other buildings in the neighborhoods.

Kitchens and bathrooms.
The size of apartments varies from compact one bedrooms of less then 800 square feet to lavish space townhouses. Kitchens are fully equipped with quality appliances and bathrooms have adequate lights fixtures – positioned where we actually need them. We also liked that some floor plans had more square kitchen rather then classic long and narrow rectangle. A real plus of these apartments is that most of them have a decent marina view and some front units in East and North, as well as, side facing west in Quay West tower have truly full unobstructed water views. Whether considering buying or renting there, it's are a perfect choice.
The Quays are a great alternative to famous Marina Promenade buildings; the quality is comparable yet their location is better, and much closer to the middle of JBR Walk. The walk to the beach is easier because the residents don't have to walk through unpleasantly hot during the summer garages of JBR. Some floor plans (mostly two bedroom apartments) have a good size balcony, which is much larger then in Promenade(these only exist in East and North buildings). There is also an adequate guest parking, a feature of residential buildings missing in too many instances.

Similarly to older Emaar developments in Marina there is a limited number of villas(townhouses), however, these are mostly on the road side. For this reason these houses are more affordable then similar villas in Marina, yet they have the same high quality standards and finishes as other buildings from Dubai's favorite builder.

The video above clearly shows mentioned before square sized hallway and kitchen, as well as fabulous view of marina bay towards Yacht Club. It's the smallest of 1 bedroom unit, thus it does not have a balcony.

Building names: Quay North, East, West.

Marina Quays

Marina Quays Emaar site.

By Witold Motak